Corner Sofa Bed Ares £239

Please note that the shade of the sofa maybe slightly different then the shade on the picture

Corner Sofa Bed Ares is cleverly designed and great looking piece of furniture. Its perfect for use as a corner sofa which easly transforms into comfortable and large bed with sleeping area of 200/140 cm 

The highlighted feature of this sofa is definitely the sprung mattress. 

This mattress makes sofa more comfortable and more durable. 

Its perfect for small rooms, attics or people who need a small piece of furniture with sleepng option.

This range comes with BONEL type sprung mattress

Length: 235cm

Width: 140cm

Sleeping area: 200cm/140cm

Height from the floor till the sittinga area: 45cm

This sofa comes in six pieces with screws, bolts and nuts plus instruction for self-assembling. 
This sofa is universal therefore you will be able to assemble either right or left hand side corner.
It is beautyfully upholstered in a soft microfiber fabric and upholstery. 
Sofa comes with three big pillows which are two different colours on each side and two free small pillows. As an added bonus it also comes with build in storage underneath which is great for extra pillows, magazines and bed linen. 
There are two storage compartments.

Have a closer look at the fabric

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