Corner Sofa Bed OSLO £429

Please note that the shade of the sofa maybe slightly different then the shade on the picture

The frame of the sofa is made of wood and chipwood. The mattress is made of wave springs and highly elastic foam HR to allow excellent flexibility of the sitting and sleeping area. Corner Sofa Bed OSLO comes with two storage compartments for pillows, bedding etc, and pillows.

Corner Sofa Bed OSLO is orginally design with pleat upholstery LUX however it can be created of differnt types of fabric. Please see fabric paletts below.


  • assembling do not take more then 15-20 minutes
  • this sofa is not universal so you have to specify whether you require right or left corner
  • the overall dimensions can vary between 2-5 cm

During folding the seat is supported by the lifting mechanism

Take a closer look at our fabrics and design your own sofa


This is the fabric which is originally used for this range

LAWA UPHOLSTERY-no extra charge

FAUX LEATHER SOFT- no extra charge

HAITI UPHOLSTERY-no extra charge

TRINITY UPHOLSTERY-liquid resistant fabric-there is an extra charge of £50 if you wish to create your sofa of this fabric

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